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Mulle Meck – books, games and parks

Mulle Meck is a children's book character from Sweden with over 30 books, pioneering computer games, an outdoor playground and several play exhibitions in Sweden.

Mulle Meck apps for iPhone and iPad

Mulle Meck is currently releasing new apps for iPhones and iPads. The classic title "Mulle Meck builds a car" is available as an interactive book enhanced with entertaining and educational animations. In the game "Mulle Meck's cars" you design your own car and take it for a ride. The app developers Piu Piu are hard at work developing more Mulle Meck apps. Next up is an interactive version of the book "Mulle Meck builds a boat".

Who is Mulle Meck?

Mulle Meck lives at the end of the road with his dog Buffa. He enjoys collecting all sorts of scrapyard parts, thingumabobs and whatchamacallits. These come in handy when he builds his car, his boat and his airplane. Since the first book in 1993 Mulle Meck has solved problems and in a fun and easy way showed children how vehicles and machines work.

Mulle Meck also teaches that there is no waste, only old things that you can use in new ways.

Mulle Meck faces life with his very own sayings: "If there is a problem, there must also be a solution” and ”Problems are just solutions in work clothes”.

He has a matter-of fact personality. He likes to help his many friends and to explore the world.


Mulle Meck books and games have been translated into many languages:

  • Мулле Мек, Willy Werkel, Mik Mekanik, Freddy Fixer (UK), Gary Gadget (US), Masa Mainio, Meistri-Märten, Martin Mekk, Karel Klus, Miel Monteur, Hoste Memo, Memet Usta, Mulih Mik, Wilyam al-sana, Wasta Mulla, Petrovitj .


Visit Mulle Meck's parks in Sweden

Mulle Meck i Järvastaden – small outside playground north of Stockholm, Sweden, where his car, boat, plane, rocket, gears and other scrapyard's thingumabobs and whatchamacallits offer fun attractions for kids. It is free and open all days.

For opening hours and directions: Mulle Meck i Järvastaden 

Mulle Meck at Storybook Square, Junibacken, Stockholm

Take a ride with Mulle Meck’s airplaine Spirit of Djupforsen. You’ll find it at the Storybook Square in Junibbacken, a fantasy play house where most of Sweden’s many famous children book characters are represented.

For opening hours and directions: Junibacken

Mulle Meck in Hudiksvall

Step into the Mulle Meck’s fairy world and take a ride with the aircraft or take a space flight with Mulle’s new rocket. Set sail on the seas of the Mulle Meck boat or test drive his car. Here you can do carpentry with Mulle Meck’s tools, bolts and thingumabobs, draw and play computer games and much more.

For opening hours and directions: Mulle Meck i Glada Hudik

Mulle Meck Carpentry workshop at Nääs, Västra Götaland

Mulle Meck has his own playful carpentry workshop for children aged 4-10 years at the Craft & Building Conservation building at the Nääs, Västra Götaland the castle and former crafts training center.
Under skilled guidance, children learn how to handle a hammer, nails, saw and drill, something is of use throughout their lives. In Mulle Meck’s carpentry workshop, the children make cars, boats and other fun stuff.

For opening hours and directions:Mulle Mecks snickeriverkstad på Nääs 


The writer George Johansson and the illustrator Jens Ahlbom created the ingenious and adventurous Mulle Meck over 20 years ago.


Photo: Monica Franzon

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