Mulle Meck

Mulle Meck

Mulle Meck is a children’s book character from Sweden with over 35 books, pioneering computer games, an outdoor playground and several play exhibitions in Sweden.

Mulle Meck was created by the writer George Johansson and the illustrator Jens Ahlbom. 

Who is Mulle Meck?

Mulle Meck lives at the end of a country road with his dog Buffa. He enjoys collecting all sorts of scrapyard parts, thingumabobs, and whatchamacallits. These come in handy as he spends most of time building things. Over the years Mulle has built cars, boats, houses and even a space rocket!

Since the first book in 1993 Mulle Meck has shown children how vehicles and machines work in a fun and easy way. He teaches that there is no waste, only old things that you can use in new ways. He has a matter-of fact personality and likes to help his many friends. Mulle is often heard saying, “If there is a problem, there must also be a solution” and ”Problems are just solutions in work clothes.”

International Presence

The books about Mulle Meck are translated into a number of languages. They are currently published in China, the Ukraine, as well as in Germany, where a publisher has relaunched Mulle Meck (Willy Werkel) for a new generation of children.

Mulle Meck has previously been in print in: Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English, German, Dutch, Arabic, Finnish, Estonian, Turkish, Southern and Northern Kurdish, Persian, Romani, Russian, and northern Sami.

In the early days, the publishers gave Mulle Meck different names in different languages. As the Chinese publishers chose to keep Mulle Meck’s name in Swedish, it is today the name that most of today’s children around the world know him.

Examples Mulle Meck’s name in other languages:

Germany: Willy Werkel
England: Freddy Fixer
USA: Gary Gadget
Finland: Masa Mainio
Estonia: Meistri-Märten
Denmark: Mik Mekanik
Norway: Martin Mekk
The Netherlands: Karel Klus
Belgium (Flemish) Miel Monteur
Kurdish: Hoste Memo



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