Parks in Sweden

Järvastaden, Stockholm

Open: Always

Admission: Free


Children meet Mulle Meck and several of his friends in an exciting outdoor playground. The park is a miniature of Mulle Meck’s home area, Djupforsen, Blåvattnet and Svartvattnet.

In addition to Mulle Meck and his dog Buffa, there is Viola Vallmark with the flower labyrinth, Figge Ferrum’s truck, Daisy Diesel’s garage, Gårdan van Gågg’s studio, Linlyftet, Gabriella Gourmet and Gaston Garçon in the restaurant Chez Nous, and much more.

The park has about 100,000 visitors annually and is an obvious destination for many families with children who visit Stockholm. The park opened in 2008 and is run by Järvastaden AB.

Mulle Meck i Glada Hudik, Hudiksvall

Open: Varies depending on the time of year.

Admission: Free for under 2, 100 SEK 2-12, 13+ 50 SEK


Just around the corner from Hälsingland’s museum, Mulle Meck lives in Glada Hudik. Here children can drive with Mulle Meck’s car, his boat Horizon, his aircraft Spirit of Djupforsen or take a ride on Mulle’s rocket. They can discover Mulle Meck’s now classic computer games and tinker with tools in his carpentry workshop. 

Mulle Meck’s play exhibition moved to Hudiksvall in 2003 and is a continuation of Mulle Meck’s year long exhibition at Junibacken from 2002–2003. The exhibition is run by Hudiksvall municipality. It has about 12,000 visitors per year and does extensive educational work with preschools in the municipality.

Junibacken, Stockholm

Open: Varies depending on time of year

Admission: Different prices for different age groups and years cards are available.


At the heart of ‘Sagotorget’ area children can play with Mulle Meck! Sagotorget is Junibackens permanent interactive play exhibition of Swedish authors most loved literary characters and worlds.

Children can fly in Mulle’s aeroplane the Spirit of Djupforsen, poke around in Wilma von Winkelhock’s observatory, and have a go bustling around in Mulle’s workshop.

Mulle Meck had a large exhibition in 2002-2003 at Junibacken which can still be enjoyed in it’s new home at Glada Hudik.

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