Book Release

Mulle Meck Builds an Electric Car

A new exciting adventure for Mulle Meck and his friends unfolds in the latest book Mulle Meck builds an Electric Car!

Out February 1st 2023, in Swedish, in Swedish Stores!

Mulle looks thoughtfully at his old yellow car. Once he and Buffa drove until they found the end of the road. But now the fuel tank is empty and blemishes, scratches and rust are ravaging the yellow paint. What’s next for him and Buffa?

Suddenly, Mulle gets a flash of genius! Electricity, of course! Electric cars! Mulle will build an electric car. There will be no exhaust fumes and there’ll be a quiet and smooth to ride. But how will he get started with the construction? How lucky that Gårdån van Gågg, Figge Ferrum, Daisy Diesel and Doris Digital can help him realize his dream. And Veronika Wallmark, of course, has a key role!

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